Daily Glixel: Hidden Cat Marios Are S-cat-tered Throughout 'Super Mario Odyssey'

Yes, I made that pun. I regret nothing.

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PSA: 'Burnout Crash!' And 'Burnout Revenge' Servers Closing
'Burnout Crash!' Criterion Games3/5

PSA: 'Burnout Crash!' And 'Burnout Revenge' Servers Closing

Heads up, racing fans. Criterion Games is shutting down Xbox 360 servers for Burnout Crash! and Burnout Revenge next week. "Enjoy 1 last week before we say goodbye on the 24th," the studio tweeted today.

Burnout Revenge and Burnout Crash! are 12 years old and six years old, respectively, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they're shutting down now. Criterion says the servers for Burnout Paradise, which came out in 2008, will remain open.

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