Daily Glixel: Hidden Cat Marios Are S-cat-tered Throughout 'Super Mario Odyssey'

Yes, I made that pun. I regret nothing.

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'Arms' Update Adds Badges, Instant Replays

'Arms' Update Adds Badges, Instant Replays

Nintendo fighting game Arms got a new patch this week, bringing a bunch of additions and fixes with it. There's now a new Badge feature that rewards players for accomplishing certain things. They can show them off during matches by pinning them onto their characters. There's also a new Recent Replays feature. Players can review their recent matches, but with some caveats. Replay data will automatically delete when necessary, starting with the oldest data, and future Arms updates will erase all replay data from past versions. The 3.2 Patch also fixes a few bugs and tweaks certain fighters. You can read the full patch notes here.

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