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Is This Fumito Ueda's Next Project?
Gen Design3/5

Is This Fumito Ueda's Next Project?

Gen Design, the studio led by Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian creator Fumito Ueda, rang in the new year with a new image on its website that could be teasing its next project. Posters on gaming forum Resetera noticed it yesterday. It depicts a glowing woman sitting on an altar. To her right appears to be the giant, chubby fist of a creature.

Resetera dug into the image's source code and, apparently, it's called "Beauty and the Beast 2018." Is Ueda's next project a take on that classic French fairy tale? Since his past games often explored the relationship between humans and monsters, it's not a bad assumption. But, it's also likely this is just some nice artwork for Gen Design's website that plays on Ueda's usual themes and not a hint at something bigger.

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