Daily Glixel: 'The Sims' Comes to 'Skyrim,' 'Lawbreakers' Launches, 'Darkest Dungeon' on iOS

How does one say, "I took an arrow to the knee" in Simlish?

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Modder Finds Missing ‘Mario Kart Wii’ Mode Nine Years Later

One intrepid modder has found evidence that Mario Kart Wii once had a Mission Mode – nine years after the game’s release. MrBean35000vr shared the find on YouTube this weekend, Nintendo Life reports. Mission Mode originally appeared in Mario Kart DS, but never made it to the Wii version. It was apparently cut sometime during production, and has remained hidden until now. So, why did it take so long to discover it? The game doesn’t try to load the screens at all, MrBean35000vr said, even on the menus that would have contained them. “So, in order to get at them, you'd have to convince the game it was supposed to load them first, which I did, and then politely asking them to render actually works!”

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