Daily Glixel: 'The Sims' Comes to 'Skyrim,' 'Lawbreakers' Launches, 'Darkest Dungeon' on iOS

How does one say, "I took an arrow to the knee" in Simlish?

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‘Darkest Dungeon’ is Coming to iOS This Month
Red Hook Studios2/5

‘Darkest Dungeon’ is Coming to iOS This Month

Dungeon crawling, abominable horrors, and the mental stresses they cause are coming soon to an iPad near you. Darkest Dungeon is launching on iOS on Thursday, August 24th, developer Red Hook Studios today announced. This new “Tablet Edition” has all of the key features found on other platforms, and the touch interface “fits the game perfectly.” “We’ve long maintained that we accidentally made a very touch-friendly game, and now finally we get to exhibit that in the most natural form,” Red Hook said. The studio is also adding a nice save export feature for PC, Mac, and Linux users, so they don’t have to lose all their progress if they switch to iOS. There’s no word yet on what the game will cost. Its DLC, “The Crimson Court,” will also make its way to iPad later this year.

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