Daily Glixel: 'Secret World' Gets a TV Show, Swery's New RPG, Battle.net Returns

Johnny Depp among the producers of TV adaptation of Funcom's story-centric MMO about conspiracy theories and more

'The Secret World' is Getting a TV Show, Thanks To Johnny Depp
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'The Secret World' is Getting a TV Show, Thanks To Johnny Depp

Funcom's The Secret World was an underappreciated, story-centric MMO filled with secret societies, conspiracy theories, and supernatural horrors. It recently rebooted itself as the online RPG Secret World Legends. Now, it's also going to be a TV series produced by Johnny Depp's company, Infinitum Nihil, and G4C Innovation. The show (its network and/or streaming service is still apparently TBD) will focus on a team of undercover agents and the shadow war between the Illuminati, the Dragon, and the Templar. The pilot was written by Hook and Contact scribe James V. Hart and Jake Hart. "It is one of the most character-driven and well-developed games I know of," said G4C Innovation's Gudrun Giddings in a press release. "Hence it naturally lends itself to fantastical storylines with intriguing characters, a thrilling, and binge-worthy international TV show."