Daily Glixel: The Overwatch League Signs Its First Female Player

Kim "Geguri" Se-Yeon is known for her incredible Zarya play.

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Latest 'Retronauts' Retrospective is a Love Letter to 'ActRaiser'

Today is Valentine's Day, and the Retronauts website is showing some love for the 1990 god-sim/RPG/platformer ActRaiser, one of the more unique offerings on the Super NES.

"Going by social media reactions I've received as I've teased my progress through this retrospective over the past few weeks, I'm not alone in feeling this inventive platformer/simulation/RPG hybrid deserves special love," writes Jeremy Parish. "It truly is a one-of-a-kind game, and while it may not be flawless in its design, the fact that its creators were clearly driven by an earnest desire to make something truly unique counts for a lot."

If you've never experienced ActRaiser, Parish says it's still accessible on Wii Virtual Console, although you have less than a year to grab it. The Wii eShop is shutting down in January 2019.

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