Daily Glixel: The 'Guild Wars' Community Helps a Fan in Need

Developer ArenaNet and others donate thousands to a woman who lost her home.

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This is What 'Super Mario' Looks Like at 380,000 Frames Per Second

The YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys is (naturally) all about making things go really, really slow. So, what happens when you film Super Mario Bros. at 380,000 frames per second? In their latest video, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy demonstrate how a television set works in slow motion using the famous plumber as an example. Many console games generally run at 30fps, but by filming Super Mario on an old CRT screen at 380,000fps, Free and Gruchy demonstrate how a TV renders each line from top to bottom and from left to right.

"That is the highest frame rate we've ever shot so far on this channel, and using this information here's a little bonus fact: a CRT screen can draw Mario's moustache in less than 380,000th of a second. That is some seriously fast facial hair," says Free.

(Thanks, Motherboard!)

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