Daily Glixel: 'Super Seducer' Rejected By Sony

The pickup artist simulator wasn't released on PS4 this week

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PSA: Deadline For Sony 'Other OS' Suit is Next Month

PSA: Deadline For Sony 'Other OS' Suit is Next Month

If you bought a "fat" PlayStation 3 between November 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010, you still have some time to file a claim in a class action settlement with Sony. The deadline is April 15th. The lawsuit stemmed from Sony's decision to disable the "Other OS" function from the console in 2010. The Fat PS3 was built with the ability to install Linux as an alternative to the default operating system. Sony claimed it disabled that function as a security measure, but some members of the lawsuit say the company was more concerned about software piracy.

If this class action settlement affects you, you can find more information on your options at http://www.otherossettlement.com/.

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