Daily Glixel: Steam Officially Ends Support for Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency is 'untenable,' Valve says.

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New 'PUBG' Desert Map Gets a New Weapon

New 'PUBG' Desert Map Gets a New Weapon

Graphics company Nvidia exclusively revealed a new weapon for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' upcoming desert map today. The R45 is a six-shot revolver that uses the game's .45 ACP ammunition and comes with a speed loader that lets you chamber all six round simultaneously, greatly accelerating reload times. It won't support a suppressor, but it does have a red dot sight attachment. It will be available only on the new desert map as a world spawn weapon. It replaces the R1895 revolver from the Erangel map. If you want to test out the R45 before launch, it's currently available on PUBG's test server.

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