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'Dark Age of Camelot' Gets Free-to-Play Mode
Broadsword Online Games4/5

'Dark Age of Camelot' Gets Free-to-Play Mode

Venerable massively multiplayer online game Dark Age of Camelot is getting a free-to-play mode called Endless Conquest later this year, Broadsword Online Games announced last week. Endless Conquest lets players enjoy the game through level 50 without a paid subscription, participate in realm vs. realm combat, earn Master Levels, and more. But, there are some caveats. Free-to-players can only level a limited selection of classes, character slots are limited, and they can only play on the Ywain and Gaheris servers. There's also limitations to leveling rates, house ownership, item trading, and storage. The mode is scheduled to launch in Fall 2018.

Dark Age of Camelot first launched in 2001 and was praised for its three-way realm vs. realm combat. Broadsword Online Games took over after the original developer, Mythic Entertainment, shut down in 2014. (Thanks, PC Gamer!)

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