Daily Glixel: 'Sonic 3D Blast' Easter Egg Explained, 21 Years Later

It's pretty fascinating.

Why Punching 'Sonic 3D Blast' Triggers a Secret Level Select Screen

Did you know that if you wiggle or punch a copy of Sonic 3D Blast it takes you to a secret level select screen? In a YouTube series called "Coding Secrets," developer Jon Burton describes how the unintentional Easter egg made it into the game.

Whenever a game is submitted to a publisher, it goes through a rigorous testing process that includes leaving it running for days at a time, he explains. If the game crashes, the publisher sends it back to the developer so they can try to recreate the bug and fix it. Then, the studio resubmits and begins the whole process again. While working on the 1994 platformer Mickey Mania, Burton programmed error code for every possible bug he could imagine. He then altered the code so it pretended the player had found a secret "time warp" that took them back or forward a level. This kept the game running and helped it pass the submission process. Burton implemented something similar with Sonic 3D Blast.

Pretty cool, huh? You can check out the full explanation in the video. It's a bit jargon-y, but worth a watch if you're interested in game development.