Daily Glixel: R.I.P. 'Miitomo'

Nintendo's first mobile app is shutting down in May.

Nintendo is Shutting Down 'Miitomo'

Nintendo is Shutting Down 'Miitomo'

Miitomo, Nintendo's first foray into the mobile gaming world, is officially shutting down on May 9th. The social networking app let people create custom Mii avatars and answer silly questions with their friends. It launched in March 2016 and enjoyed a brief moment of internet popularity before quietly slipping into the background as Nintendo pumped out bigger apps like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes.

Sales of Miitomo coins already ended on January 24th, according to the Miitomo website. But, Nintendo says it's offering daily login bonuses from now until the service ends so users can continue to play the Miitomo Drop minigame and use other features like the shop.