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Nintendo's first mobile app is shutting down in May.

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'Arms' Director: 'No Plans' For More Content Updates

'Arms' Director: 'No Plans' For More Content Updates

Sad news, Arms fans. Nintendo is done creating free content updates for the Switch-exclusive fighting game, according to Eurogamer.

Arms has received a steady stream of DLC, including new characters, stages, and modes, since its launch last year. But, a post on Nintendo's Japanese website in December suggests no more free content is on the way. Now, Arms director Kosuke Yabuki is confirming it.

"After its launch on June 16th, we released several significant free content updates for Arms, including five new characters, 12 new Arms, five new stages, collectible badges, and new modes like Party Crash," Yabuki tells Eurogamer. "More Party Crash events are on the way, and we'll continue to make balance adjustments and other small changes to improve the gaming experience, but we currently have no plans for bigger updates."

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