Daily Glixel: 'PUBG' Player Infiltrates Enemy Team With Comedic Results

Hey, can you hold this grenade for me?

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'Mario+Rabbids' Gets a Launch Day Update

'Mario+Rabbids' Gets a Launch Day Update

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle came out yesterday, and it's already getting some welcome tweaks via a launch day patch. Thanks to Title Update 1, the Skill Tree reset is now free. Which means you can use those gold coins you've been hoarding on that sweet bee blaster instead. The tactical camera will also display more information, and boss A.I. is improved. The update also includes more language support, including Russian and traditional and simplified Chinese. Ubisoft has even added more cinematics, one after the player finishes the main adventure and one when they reach a 100 percent completion save and return to Peach's Castle.

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