Daily Glixel: 'PUBG' Is Getting a Mobile Version in China

Tencent is teaming with Bluehole to make it happen

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'Detroit: Become Human' is Quantic Dream's 'Most Advanced Title Ever'

When Detroit: Become Human comes out next year it will be Quantic Dream's "most advanced title ever." That's according to director David Cage, who just wrote a post on the PlayStation Blog about the evolution of the studio's tech.

"For Detroit, we worked on aligning all parameters on real optics so we can use the rules that are commonly accepted by our audience. This little change had a massive impact on the visual quality of the game. We added many new features, from bokeh, advanced lens flares, improved lighting, real-time motion blur, volumetric lights, higher resolution on PS4 Pro and many other features.

"This new engine combined with our progress in performance capture makes Detroit the most advanced title ever produced by my studio."

Quantic Dream is one of the few studios in the world to develop a new engine for each game, Cage writes. In a commentary video, he looks back at the 2012 Kara tech demo that provided the foundation for Detroit and talks about how far his studio has come since. 

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