Daily Glixel: 'Persona 5' Steals The Hearts of 2 Million People

It's also snagged four nominations at The Game Awards.

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Check Out These Interesting 'Minecraft' Worlds

Check Out These Interesting 'Minecraft' Worlds

Are you a Minecraft fan looking for a good world to explore? PC Gamer has gathered three pages worth of seeds you can check out. Normally, Minecraft worlds are randomly generated, but seeds (strings of letters and numbers) can be used as starting points for worlds instead. Some of the worlds on PC Gamer's list include a village with overpowered loot (technically, it's not cheating), a desert biome with a sunken temple, a lava-filled mountain suitable for supervillainy, and a zombie village. But, keep in mind you'll need to run a compatible version of Minecraft to make the seeds spawn things correctly.

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