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'Gigantic' studio Motiga suffers layoffs as well.

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New 'Shadow of the Colossus' Details (Literally)

New 'Shadow of the Colossus' Details (Literally)

Sony is revealing more of the changes coming to its Shadow of the Colossus remake launching sometime next year. The lovely PS3-era game is apparently full of new details. Pebbles crumble under Wander's hands as he climbs, says Corey Brotherson, content producer at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, on the PlayStation Blog. His horse leaves hoof prints in the sand, and there are now blue butterflies in the woodland areas. The colossi have some new enhancements as well. Their fur rustles in the wind, and there are also new lighting, motion blur, and depth of field effects as Wander combats them.

Brotherson says developer Bluepoint Games is streamlining the controls too. "The PS4’s touchpad handily lets you bring up a map, while jump has been moved to the X button instead of the triangle button," he explains. "The dodge roll is also now mapped to the circle button, making it easier to deploy than the previous R1+triangle combo." But, the classic controls are still available for all you purists out there.

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