Daily Glixel: R.I.P. Runic Games

'Gigantic' studio Motiga suffers layoffs as well.

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Big 'Splatoon 2' LAN Tournament Happening This Weekend

Big 'Splatoon 2' LAN Tournament Happening This Weekend

If you're in Boston and you're a Splatoon 2 fan, there's a big LAN tournament happening this weekend. It takes place November 4th-5th at the Balance Patch Gaming Cafe. Members of Set To Destroy X (previously Deadbeat), the winners of the 2017 Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational, will be there. With an estimated 35 teams competing, it's the largest LAN tournament in North America, Nintendo claims. Bostonites can get more info on the event here. If you're not in the area and want to tune in, EndGameTV is streaming it on Twitch.

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