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The Miiverse Archive is Online And It's 17TB

The Miiverse Archive is Online And It's 17TB

The Miiverse, Nintendo's built-in social app for Wii U, shut down on November 8th, but some fans managed to preserve a lot of its content. A web developer called Drastic Actions, along with Archive Team, just launched the Archiverse, an estimated 17 terabytes worth of posts, replies, screenshots, and drawings from the Miiverse's five-year lifespan. Visitors can search the Miiverse archives by game ID and username. They can also sort by the number of "Yeahs" or replies each post received.

The Archiverse isn't a complete collection; the team says it grabbed as much as it could before Miiverse shut down. "While we attempted to download and store as much as possible, given the amount of time to do the archive and the crawling we had to do to get what we ended up with, there is no way to know precisely how much we missed. From Miiverse administrators deleting users and posts, users who hid their profiles, new communities created after the shutdown notice went out, to stability issues with Miiverse itself, many things would stop a complete archive of the site," it writes.

(Thanks, Polygon!)

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