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This 'World of Warcraft' Player Spent 8 Hours Soloing a Raid Boss

Raid bosses in massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft are usually tackled by a team of people. But, one ambitious WoW player named Rextroy recently decided to solo Garothi Worldbreaker, the first boss of Antorus, The Burning Throne. And he was successful – eight hours later.

Rextroy tells Wowhead it took a lot of precise timing (and ability cooldowns) to defeat the boss. "Can you imagine a single misstep? A bit too late [casting] Guardian of Ancient Kings and he would be able to destroy you with a melee hit (he almost did at 10:57)," he says. "Being a little careless with movement, or bubbling too early, could also punish you severly."

He also took advantage of a small area outside of the boss' 60-yard attack range, an exploit that will likely be fixed in a future patch. Still, his marathon solo raid is an impressive achievement. You can check out a condensed version of it in the video. (Thanks, PC Gamer!) 

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