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Florida Mayhem had a moment of silence before its last match

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Play as Gordon Freeman in 'Final Fantasy XV' on PC
"Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman..." Square Enix4/5

Play as Gordon Freeman in 'Final Fantasy XV' on PC

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition comes out on March 6th, and people who pre-order from now until May 1st will get an unusual bonus. The Half-Life Pack lets players dress up Noctis as Gordon Freeman, the legendarily silent hero of the Half-Life franchise. The in-game costume includes Gordon's HEV Suit, glasses, and crowbar (you'll have to bring your own headcrabs). The pack will also be available for the Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion Comrades.

Square Enix is also releasing a demo on February 26th. It includes all of Chapter 1, the tutorial, and opening quests of Noctis and crew's adventure through Eos.

You can find more details, including system requirements, here.

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