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'Nier: Automata' Has a Controversial Undiscovered Secret
Platinum Games2/5

'Nier: Automata' Has a Controversial Undiscovered Secret

Platinum Games' excellent action-RPG Nier: Automata apparently has a secret players haven't discovered yet, according to an interview in this week's issue of Famitsu (via Siliconera). Members of the Nier: Automata team, including Yoko Taro, director Takahisa Taura, and producer Yosuke Saito, recently celebrated the game's one-year anniversary by sharing stories about its development with the magazine.

"'That' has yet to be found," Siliconera reports. "Since the developers feel that it would definitely be bad, they have yet to make it public. Due to various circumstances, this something made its way into the game. Since they feel that going into any further detail might cause some problems, they won’t say more about it. Think of it as NieR: Automata’s last secret."

What's so bad about the secret Platinum Games doesn't want to make it public? Who knows? But, I'm sure players will figure it out quickly.

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