Daily Glixel: Nintendo Switch Breaks a Sales Record in Japan

It's now sold more units in the first year than the PS2.

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Check Out This Beautiful Fan-Made 'Overwatch' Map

Overwatch fan Joshua Llorente has created a beautiful Cairo map for the online shooter. It took him two months to put it together using Epic's Unreal Engine. "All assets including textures and models are created by me," he says on Reddit. "No downloaded content."

The Cairo map is getting a lot of praise around the internet. "YES PLEASE! THIS is what Egypt really looks like. A beautiful mixture of Islamic and ancient Egyptian architecture with modern touches here and there," writes Reddit user ABowlofMeatballs. "Source: I am Egyptian."

Llorente is a fine arts student in the Philippines. You can check out his other Overwatch inspired work on ArtStation. (Thanks, Kotaku!)

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