Daily Glixel: Nintendo CEO Has Big Plans For The Switch

He wants to sell more than 20 million units next fiscal year.

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The Fight to Save Japan's Old Video Games

The Fight to Save Japan's Old Video Games

Over on Kotaku, Chris Kohler talks with the Game Preservation Society, a Tokyo nonprofit working to save Japan's earliest computer games.

"In Japan, you don’t keep things," says the society's president, Joseph Redon. "It's a cultural difference, you see. Today, we have a typhoon. I felt an earthquake just a few minutes ago. You didn't? Very small. But this country is a rock above the sea. It’s full of calamities. The way of thinking, the way of living, the way things last, the cycle of their lives here is very different. You build a house in Japan, thirty years after, you need to destroy it and make a new one."

Out of all the Japanese PC software sold in the 1980s, Redon estimates 99 percent of it is gone. His nonprofit is fighting to save that last one percent. Check out the full feature for an interesting (and lengthy) look at how the society is fighting to achieve its goal.

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