Daily Glixel: The Esports Industry Continues to Grow in 2018

Research firm Newzoo estimates the industry will make $906 million this year.

Newzoo: Global Esports Audience, Revenues Up in 2018
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Newzoo: Global Esports Audience, Revenues Up in 2018

The global esports industry continues to grow in 2018. Revenues will reach $906 million this year, according to a market report from research firm Newzoo. That's a year-on-year growth of 38 percent. Newzoo estimates North America will account for $345 million of that total, while China will account for $164 million.

Brands will continue investing in esports, Newzoo says. They will reportedly invest $694 million, 77 percent of the total market. That number will grow to $1.4 billion by 2021, representing 84 percent of total esports revenues.

The esports industry's fan base is also getting larger. Newzoo says the number of esports enthusiasts (people who watch more than once a month) worldwide will increase by 15 percent this year to 165 million. Meanwhile, the total esports audience (all people who watch professional esports independent of frequency) will grow 13.5 percent to an estimated 380 million people. Newzoo attributes audience growth to improving IT infrastructure in regions like Latin America and the Middle East, the popularity of franchises like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and the influx of younger viewers who see esports as a natural phenomenon.