Daily Glixel: New 'Darkest Dungeon' DLC Brings Cosmic Horror to the Hamlet

'The Color of Madness' comes out sometime next year.

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'Dreadnought' Launches on PlayStation 4

Indie developer Yager's Dreadnought officially launches on the PlayStation 4 today, and it looks like an interesting take on team-based shooters. Instead of featuring a roster of quirky heroes, it puts players in command of massive space ships. There are five distinct classes, more than 50 customizable vessels, and a variety of multiplayer game modes. Anyone who downloads the game today via the PlayStation Store can get a console-exclusive Hactar ship and two themes free. Yager is also celebrating the game's launch with day and night variations of a new map called Amirani.

Dreadnought is also currently in open beta on Windows PC.

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