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New 'Overwatch' Spectator Tools Were a Hit at BlizzCon
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New 'Overwatch' Spectator Tools Were a Hit at BlizzCon

Over on Kotaku, Nathan Grayson talked to some BlizzCon attendees this weekend about Overwatch's new spectator tools and the challenges of watching esports, especially when you're new to the game. The tools Blizzard used during the Overwatch World Cup were apparently a hit, though. Team colors were a particular favorite amongst viewers like Cat Whitney, who tells Kotaku she plays Overwatch but doesn't watch it much.

"This seemed really easy to follow," she says. "There were only a couple times where things jumped around really quickly, and I couldn't quite understand the action. The team colors were amazing."

But, the game's fast-paced nature can be hard to follow, even for esports veterans like Taylor Adams, who works for Tempo Storm. "A Genji can flick his wrist to the right and kill three people," he says. "If you happen to be looking down at your phone because somebody tweeted at you, you’re gonna miss it. You're gonna be like 'What the fuck?'"

If you missed the Overwatch World Cup, you can watch recaps on YouTube. What do you think about the new spectator tools?

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