Daily Glixel: Someone's Making a New N64 Controller, 'Tempest' Gets a Sequel, 'Shape of the World' Looks Chill AF

What's the worst controller you've ever used?

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Beautiful Exploration Game 'Shape of the World' Coming in 2018

Shape of the World is a lovely, chill exploration game coming to PlayStation 4 in early 2018. Its creator, Stu Maxwell, is a FX artist with some experience in AAA games. He started work on the game at a time when his professional and personal life were pretty hectic, so he wanted to create a place where people could relax and have fun. “For that reason, nothing is urging you forward in Shape of The World, no score is involved, no bloodthirsty beast is hunting you, no clock ticking to make you rush,” he writes on the PlayStation blog. “The world is designed to let you experience it the way you want.” The game features integrated audio and an ambient soundtrack that responds to the player’s travels. Also, you can fly with whales. Neat.

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