Daily Glixel: Someone's Making a New N64 Controller, 'Tempest' Gets a Sequel, 'Shape of the World' Looks Chill AF

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Atari is Making a 'Tempest' Sequel After 36 Years
A screenshot from the Xbox 360 version of 'Tempest' released in 2007. Atari4/5

Atari is Making a 'Tempest' Sequel After 36 Years

Remember Tempest? It’s OK if you don’t. The classic arcade shoot-’em-up originally came out in 1981. It’s probably older than a lot of the people reading this post (someone’s reading this right?!). But, that’s not stopping Atari from creating a sequel. Tempest 4000 is coming out later this year for PC and consoles. It’s being developed by Jeff Minter, the creator of the 1994 remake Tempest 2000. But, Minter’s involvement is a bit of a surprise, according to Eurogamer. Apparently, he said back in 2015 he was “beyond disgusted” with Atari after the company kept his game TxK off of the PlayStation Vita because of its similarity to Tempest. It looks like they've hugged it out since then.

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