Daily Glixel: Modder Immortalizes Infamous 'Battlefront 2' Reddit Comment

The memes are strong with this one

Historic 'Battlefront 2' Reddit Comment is Now a Mod In-Game
Dareedevokl via Nexus Mods1/5

Historic 'Battlefront 2' Reddit Comment is Now a Mod In-Game

Last November, an EA representative made Reddit history by making the most unpopular comment ever in response to Star Wars Battlefront 2 players and their anger over the game's excessive microtransactions.

"The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes," the comment begins.

Now, a modder called Dareedevokl has created a tongue-in-cheek texture pack on Nexus that places the phrase "pride and accomplishment" on the side of every loot box.

EA pulled microtransactions from Battlefront 2 following the controversy, but reportedly plans to bring them back within the next few months.

(Thanks, PC Gamer!)