Daily Glixel: Modder Immortalizes Infamous 'Battlefront 2' Reddit Comment

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'Bloodborne' Fans Plan a Return to Yharnam
From Software2/5

'Bloodborne' Fans Plan a Return to Yharnam

From Software's excellent action-RPG Bloodborne is free with PS Plus this month, and fans on Reddit are coordinating a new "Return to Yharnam" community event to reinvigorate its online gameplay. It takes place March 10th-24th. People are encouraged to create a new character and play through the game while engaging in co-op as much as possible. While the event is aimed at returning veteran players, newbies are welcome as well. Bloodborne is one of my all-time favorite games, but I never played through the DLC. Maybe it's time to dust off my threaded cane...

(Thanks, Kotaku!)

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