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Valve Might Be Cracking Down on Third-Party Key Sales
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Valve Might Be Cracking Down on Third-Party Key Sales

A leaked post on the Steam developer forum suggests Valve wants to be more discerning about who gets Steam keys, according to PC Gamer. The leak was first revealed by Steam Spy on Twitter, and developers have confirmed it's real. Right now, devs who want to sell or give away keys outside of Steam have to request a batch from Valve. But software engineer Sean Jenkins says the company might deny requests if it feels a game isn't selling enough to justify them.

"If we are denying keys for normal size batches it's likely because your Steam sales don't reflect a need for as many keys as you're distributing, and you're probably asking for more keys because you're offering cheaper options off Steam and yet we are bearing the costs," he writes. "So, at some point we start deciding that the value you're bringing to Steam isn't worth the cost to us."

We don't know what effect this new policy will have on third-party sites like Green Man Gaming and Humble Bundle. PC Gamer points out that it may only apply to extreme cases, not legitimate ones.

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