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'Myst' Studio’s 'Obduction' Launches August 29th
Cyan Worlds3/5

'Myst' Studio’s 'Obduction' Launches August 29th

If you’re a gamer of a certain age, you probably have fond memories of the 1990s adventure game Myst. The game’s creators are now working on a spiritual successor called Obduction, and it’s coming out on August 29th on PlayStation 4. A PlayStation VR update will soon follow for everyone who buys a copy. Rand Miller, CEO of developer Cyan and Myst’s original designer, writes on the PlayStation blog about the challenges of developing for virtual reality: “Creating a game with both traditional and VR experience meant that we had to consider VR in our design work before there were any VR headsets available. But we were determined to build an amazing gaming experience that provided not just a satisfying experience for PS4 players, but something that felt like a full VR game instead of a small demo for PSVR players.”

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