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'Destiny 2' Scented Candles Are a Thing Now
Numbskull and Bungie1/5

'Destiny 2' Scented Candles Are a Thing Now

In what has to be one of the strangest product tie-ins ever, movie and video game merchandising company Numbskull has partnered with Bungie to bring us Destiny 2 Ghost scented candle holders. An exact 3D replica of the AI buddy that accompanies players, it comes with five unique scents based on in-game locations and the materials you gather there. Ever wondered what Venus’ spirit bloom smells like? It’s “a refreshing white floral bouquet of jasmine, plumeria and orchid blossoms topped with citrus mandarin and bergamot. Shimmering white musk with a hint of coconut on the breeze.” Now you know. The Ghost candle holder comes out on September 6th. You can pre-order it for $56.99 USD.