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Dallas Fuel is Team Envy's New Overwatch League Team

Dallas Fuel is Team Envy's New Overwatch League Team

Dallas Fuel is the official name of Team Envy's new Overwatch League team. The name was apparently chosen for its Texas symbolism, and for its wide appeal to sports and gaming fans. Since many know Team Envy as the "Boys in Blue," the Dallas Fuel is honoring that tradition by going with blue, gray, and black for its official team colors.

"We're thrilled to bring a championship-caliber franchise to the area with the Dallas Fuel," said Team Envy CEO (and Texas native) Mike Rufail. "In choosing a name, we wanted to speak to our Texas roots, connect with the legacy of our partners Ken Hersh and the Hersh Interactive Group, and provide a rallying cry for local fans as esports continues to grow. Fuel accomplishes that, and the Dallas Fuel is a team we’re proud to permanently plant in Texas."

If you want to watch the Dallas Fuel in action, the Overwatch League begins preseason play on December 6th with a series of exhibition matches featuring all 12 teams. The regular season will begin on January 10th.

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