Daily Glixel: 'Mario+Rabbids' Gets a Versus Mode

It's free and available to download tomorrow.

'Mario+Rabbids' Versus Mode Coming Tomorrow

'Mario+Rabbids' Versus Mode Coming Tomorrow

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle is getting a welcomed new feature on Friday, December 8th. Ubisoft is adding a free Versus mode to the turn-based strategy game that lets friends play together on the same system using a pair of Joy-Cons.

Each player can hand-pick their squad and use every attack and technique available to defeat their opponent, according to the Ubiblog. But, there's a catch.  They only have three available actions per turn. Players will also have access to beefier, upgraded versions of all eight characters and starter loadouts with 16 unlockable variants like Rabbid Luigi's Vampiric option or Mario's Big Stomp loadout. There's a lot of depth in each match, Ubisoft says, but they're also meant to be short and snappy. Players can limit them to seven or 10 turns if they're looking for a challenge, or set short, medium, or long time limits for each turn.