Daily Glixel: Is 'Overwatch's' Hero 27 Torbjorn's Daughter?

Time to start speculating!

Blizzard Teases the Identity of 'Overwatch' Hero 27
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Blizzard Teases the Identity of 'Overwatch' Hero 27

Overwatch fans have speculated for months about the identity of "Hero 27." It's a character we've seen before, game director Jeff Kaplan says. Now, some teasers point to Torbjorn's daughter, Brigitte Lindholm, as the likely candidate.

We first saw Brigitte in the "Honor and Glory" animated short speaking to the rocket-hammer wielding knight Reinhardt. Last week, Blizzard tweeted a declassified report detailing how Reinhardt saved Torbjorn during a fight.

 Two days later, Blizzard released a story update featuring a letter from Torbjorn to his wife. The letter focuses on his unborn daughter. He jokes about making Reinhardt the godfather and letting him name the child.

Blizzard just slipped a new teaser onto Twitter today. It shows blueprints for a hammer and the phrase, "I'll knock some sense into you!" The weapon is called Slaga v3.0. "Slaga" apparently means "Flail" in Swedish. If Brigitte is Hero 27, it makes sense she'd use a hammer-like weapon just like her godfather, Reinhardt.