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How ironic.

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'Destiny 2' on PC Still Has Aim Assist

'Destiny 2' on PC Still Has Aim Assist

Destiny 2 launches on PC today, and it looks like it's keeping the aim assist functionality it had during beta, according to PC Gamer. While aim assist is normally used for game controllers, Destiny streamer DrLupo discovered how to use it with a mouse and keyboard by running the setup through a XIM4 module, an input adapter that allows people to use a mouse/keyboard on consoles. While DrLupo believes this setup isn't as precise as using a native mouse, some people might see it as an unfair advantage. But, for now, Bungie tells The Telegraph it's leaving aim assist in and letting PC gamers play however they want.

"We heard feedback on that and we're definitely listening and we'll continue to listen going forward, but right now we are planning to ship the controller similar to how it was in the beta," says Destiny 2 PC project lead David Shaw. "We think our controls on the controller are pretty good, and people seem to like them, and we think that the PC players should have the ability to play that way if that's their choice."

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