Daily Glixel: IRL Streamers at TwitchCon Cause Controversy by … Streaming?

How ironic.

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'Battleborn' Got Its Final Update Last Week (R.I.P.)
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'Battleborn' Got Its Final Update Last Week (R.I.P.)

It looks like Gearbox's failed hero shooter Battleborn is finally heading to that farm upstate. The game's final update arrived last week, Kotaku reports. It added some new skins and taunts, updated existing titles, and added four new finishers. Last month, Battleborn creative director Randy Varnell said this last burst of new content would be the last official creative support from Gearbox. He also said the game's servers would stay active "for the foreseeable future." Battleborn had potential, but launching three weeks before Blizzard Entertainment's mega-popular Overwatch didn't do it any favors. While there's no data available for the game's console versions, it barely cracked 12,000 lifetime peak concurrent players on PC, according to SteamCharts.

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