Daily Glixel: IGN Editor-in-Chief Fired Following Misconduct Allegations

Publication began investigating Steve Butts in March

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Watch Someone Beat 'Breath of the Wild's' DLC Boss With Three Hearts (While Naked)

Finding clever ways to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is kind of the point of Breath of the Wild. Case in point: YouTuber Delicious Tea recently managed to beat the final boss of the Champion's Ballad DLC, Monk Maz Koshia, with only a knife and three hearts. No armor, no bow, no shield, and no Champion powers.

It's a difficult, multiphase battle. During the first phase, Delicious Tea relies on good reflexes and flurry rush. He then uses a very clever trick in the second phase, utilizing the in-game camera to pick out the real monk among a bunch of clones. In phase three, the monk grows larger and tosses metal bombs. Delicious Tea needs to use a rune or two, but he manages to defeat the boss without taking a single hit himself. The entire battle lasts seven minutes. (Thanks, Kotaku!)

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