Daily Glixel: IGN Editor-in-Chief Fired Following Misconduct Allegations

Publication began investigating Steve Butts in March

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R.I.P. Xbox One Kinect Adapter

R.I.P. Xbox One Kinect Adapter

Microsoft just drove another nail into the Kinect's coffin. It has officially ended production of the Kinect Adapter, the USB accessory needed to connect the motion-tracking peripheral to an Xbox One or Windows device. A company spokesperson tells Polygon, "After careful consideration, we decided to stop manufacturing the Xbox Kinect Adapter to focus attention on launching new, higher fan-requested gaming accessories across Xbox One and Windows 10."

Microsoft officially discontinued the Kinect last year. It sold about 35 million units in its lifetime, but never really caught on with the fan base or game developers. Some good did come out of it, though – the peripheral's core sensor is now being used in Microsoft's Hollow Lens augmented reality glasses.

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