Daily Glixel: IGN Editor-in-Chief Fired Following Misconduct Allegations

Publication began investigating Steve Butts in March

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'Overwatch' Blizzard World Map Coming 'Very Soon'

Overwatch's latest map, the amusement park-themed Blizzard World, is coming "very soon," game director Jeff Kaplan says in a recent developer update. The new map was revealed during the studio's annual Blizzcon event back in November. It hit the public test realm later that month.

"I think that map is one of our best," Kaplan says. "Not only is it a gorgeous map with tons of great Easter eggs in it, but we're also trying a lot of different with the gameplay in certain areas of how we handle the level design that I think will make for a really fun and competitive hybrid map."

Kaplan also gave some vague hints about other upcoming Overwatch content. The team is "well along the path" to creating the game's 27th hero. "We think the hero is very awesome," he says. "We think the hero is very needed." The hero is in internal testing now. There's no word yet on when it will make it into the game.

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