Daily Glixel: IGN Editor-in-Chief Fired Following Misconduct Allegations

Publication began investigating Steve Butts in March

IGN Fires Editor-in-Chief Steve Butts For Alleged Misconduct
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IGN Fires Editor-in-Chief Steve Butts For Alleged Misconduct

IGN's editor-in-chief, Steve Butts, is out after an investigation into alleged workplace misconduct, according to Kotaku.

"IGN initiated an investigation into alleged misconduct involving Steve Butts. As a result of the investigation, the company has appropriately determined to part ways with Mr. Butts,” IGN general manager Mitch Galbraith told Kotaku in a statement.

The investigation apparently started back in March after another IGN employee, Vince Ingenito, was let go following sexual harassment allegations. During a meeting about Ingenito's misconduct, someone reportedly accused Butts of harassment as well.

The former IGN employee who accused Ingenito of harassment, Kallie Plagge, tells Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier she felt Butts mishandled her situation, allegedly telling her, "Don't be so uptight about it."

"As I said on Twitter, he would also say things like 'I just want this unpleasantness to be over,' like we were causing him a lot of problems," she says.

Butts and Ingenito were not the only games writers to face sexual harassment allegations in the past year. Polygon's Nick Robinson was also let go after accusations surfaced on Twitter that he used the social media platform to make sexual advances toward women in the industry.