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'Bloodborne' Enemy Goes Undiscovered for Two Years
Moros Nyx via YouTube2/5

'Bloodborne' Enemy Goes Undiscovered for Two Years

From Software's action-RPG Bloodborne came out two years ago, but fans are still uncovering new mysteries in the city of Yharnam, Kotaku reports. Some pre-release footage back in 2014 showed a large enemy with a flaming hand. But, when the game launched, the Flaming Undead Giant was nowhere to be found. Many assumed it was cut during development. Now, years later, a player named KolbrotKommander and his friends made the first official sighting of the monster in a Depth 4 Curse and Defiled Root Chalice Dungeon. YouTuber Moros Nyx explains it all in this YouTube video.

If you want to encounter the Flaming Undead Giant yourself, you can use the glyph pa6ssc6u to check it out. Who knows? Maybe you'll make a new discovery as well. The Soulsborne series is purposely mysterious and vague, so it's really no surprise people are still finding new things years later.

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