Daily Glixel: 'Half-Life' Fans are Angry at 'DOTA 2', 'Destiny 2' PC Beta Begins

Brace yourselves. Salt is coming.

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'Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle' Gets a Silly Live Action Trailer

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle comes out tomorrow on Nintendo Switch (and early word is it's pretty good). Ubisoft released a new live-action (!) trailer for the strategy RPG mash-up this weekend that pokes gentle fun at Call of Duty. As a soldier crawls through a building under fire, he turns to an unseen comrade and asks for cover fire while he runs to a nearby car. But, since his fellow soldier is a fluffy white bunny in army fatigues, his plans goes horribly wrong. "Not everyone can team up with a rabbit," the trailer says as it smash cuts to footage of Mario and friends in all their weird, colorful glory. The moral of this story? Never trust a white bunny.

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