Daily Glixel: 'Half-Life' Fans are Angry at 'DOTA 2', 'Destiny 2' PC Beta Begins

Brace yourselves. Salt is coming.

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'Destiny 2' PC Beta Arrives

'Destiny 2' PC Beta Arrives

Destiny 2 doesn't come out on PC until October 24th, but if you pre-ordered the game you can try the beta now. You can access it through Blizzard's Battle.net app (Blizzard is owned by Destiny publisher Activision). Beta participants can test out a campaign mission called "Homecoming," The Inverted Spire cooperative strike, and the Control and Countdown competitive multiplayer modes. Beta access opens up to everyone tomorrow and ends on August 31st. If you decide to try it out, be aware you might deal with some oddly named launch errors.

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