Daily Glixel: GameStop's New Power Pass is Like a Used Game Buffet

But, you'll (hopefully) feel less guilty afterwards.

GameStop to Launch Unlimited Used Game Subscription Service

GameStop to Launch Unlimited Used Game Subscription Service

GameStop is launching a new unlimited used game subscription service later this month. It's called Power Pass and, according to an advertisement posted on ResetEra over a week ago, it gives you access to the retailer's library of pre-owned games. Pick any used title you like in any GameStop store, play it, then swap it for another one when you're done, as often as you like. Glixel contacted GameStop to confirm the ad is legit (Hey, it's the internet. Grain of salt, etc.). Power Pass costs $60 for six months. Once your six months is up, you get to keep one of the games you rented. Signups for the service begin November 19th, but it's limited to PowerUp Rewards members only. This is so GameStop can keep track of the pre-owned games you check in and out. It sounds like a good deal, especially if you're a little cash-strapped. You can get through a lot of used games in six months. (Thanks, IGN!)