Daily Glixel: Failbetter Games Lays Off Four, Delays 'Sunless Skies'

The project underperformed in Early Access.

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'The Surge 2' Coming in 2019
Focus Home Interactive2/5

'The Surge 2' Coming in 2019

Sci-fi action-RPG The Surge is getting a sequel, publisher Focus Home Interactive announced today. It's once again teaming up with developer Deck 13 to bring The Surge 2 to PC and consoles sometime next year.

The Surge came out in 2017 and was praised for its difficult Souls-like combat, dynamic limb targeting system, and character progression. Focus Home Interactive says it's keeping all of that, and expanding greatly on the formula. Deck 13 is also building The Surge 2 on an upgraded and improved game engine and moving it to a new locale – a sprawling, devastated city.

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