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The project underperformed in Early Access.

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Submissions Open For Smithsonian's Fourth SAAM Arcade

Submissions Open For Smithsonian's Fourth SAAM Arcade

The Smithsonian American Art Museum is now accepting submissions for its fourth annual SAAM Arcade program. This year's theme? Game spaces. It was devised by Christopher W. Totten, author of An Architectural Approach to Level Design, who says on the SAAM blog, "Interactive media engages audiences with an array of spaces – artistic, public, and social – that capture the imagination and bring us together. This summer, the Smithsonian American Art Museum will focus on 'game spaces' as a connecting idea that links video games to art, architecture, and the museum as a space for discovery and engagement."

Totten adds games entered to SAAM Arcade this year should fit into one or more of the following areas:

  1. Games that make interesting use of space, board, or level design or which use these types of design as a standout feature of the game itself;

  2. Games that transform the real-world spaces in which they are played;

  3. Games that are inspired by or that inspire a strong community or social space.”

SAAM Arcade takes place Sunday, July 22nd. People who want to submit their work can fill out the form by April 16th. They will have to provide a playable demo, along with screenshots, a short description, and any other exhibition requirements.

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